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Go see this movie. [08 Jun 2006|09:26pm]
[ mood | not much ]

District B-13, the new movie co-written by Luc Besson (Fifth Element), is teh awesome. It's at the Century Mall Landmark Theaters, for those of you that are in the Chicago-type area.


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New music! Yay! [07 May 2006|01:56pm]
[ mood | stompy ]

Stuff I'm into right now, courtesy of myspace music, so go have a listen:

Dismantled - Anthem = I love love LOVE this song, but it craps into some weird outro at around 4.20. You can listen to it at Metropolis' myspace site, but no download.

servo.hatred - Reap the Whirlwind = About as crunchy as I can take it, but with excellent synth work. Growly effects on the vocals. Downloadable.

Def_Con - Readiness = Sparse, gorgeous song. Cold, drifting synths with smooth vocal work - soundtrack for your nuclear winter. Downloadable.

I could do this all day long. I love digging around for new music, the more obscure the band, the better. I remember doing this on mp3.com when I lived in NOLA - so much undiscovered goodness out there.

I also am really into a couple of songs on the new Elektrisch! compilation - the Beborn remix of Wolfsheim's "Approaching Lightspeed" (althought I do prefer the orginal album version), the New Concept remix of Boytronic's "Song for the Lonely" (not to be confused with the Cher song), and the Beborn remix of In Strict Confidence's "Seven Lives". The whole 2-disc comp is one of the best (um...and only) true synthpop comps I've heard in a long, long time.

In other sort-of-music-related news, to catch my latest earworm, access myspace videos and put "cat dance" in the search box. Watch resulting hilarious video. I am constantly hearing song this in my head. Now search under "techno kitty". Unbelievably funny stuff. Also, there are so many fabulous videos on there of leaping cats taking out babies and toddlers, and even one that chases a bear.

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Yay! [12 Apr 2006|05:53pm]
I have a new icon. Rock!
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Fun new experiment! [10 Apr 2006|08:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I've been working on an interesting new social experiment, in which I speak to people while looking at their crotch. I find that most people stop actively participating in the conversation fairly quickly - they get an obvious look on their face that says "I am confused. What the hell is going on?" They will look down at their own crotch, perhaps to see if their fly is open or maybe there's a weird stain. To mix it up a little, I will glance up at their face occasionally, make eye contact, then look back down. I'm finding that whenever I do this, the person will invariably follow my gaze. This has been terribly fun, and it's hard to keep from laughing.

For those of you that know about my previous experiment-turned-defense-mechanism, cobbing, the same thing holds true here - the test subject never, NEVER asks any questions about what I might be doing.

Whee! Now go try it yourself. I know you will. :)

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[10 Apr 2006|08:05pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

What happened to having to be quiet in the library? I usually check out reading material and get online here at my local suburban branch, and people are DAMN LOUD and nobody cares. Kids, adults, even the staff. I miss the days of evil, shushing librarians. And there's a rule against using cellphones here that is blatantly ignored. By everyone.

I like my library quiet, with an almost reverent overtone. Maybe I'm confusing "library" with "monastery", but I think it's just another symptom of our times.

Shut the hell up. And get off my lawn, while you're at it. :)

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Fish boxing [31 Mar 2006|08:05pm]
I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you guys Wolfgang's "black" eye. He got eyepoked by one of the other cats during a discussion about whose turn it was to torment my three bettas, and his right eyelid is now puffy and hairless. He looks like a thug. So funny!
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Weekend trip props [26 Mar 2006|11:16pm]
Happy birfday, Kassi! The annual HotR trip was awsome, though it didn't beat the bubble tub at the Don Q. :) Thanks, Katja, for the awsome oOntz and a comfy place to sleep off the purple drink. It was nice to spend more time with you this trip! Please send my thanks to Megan, Griffin, Eddie, and Mona as well. And it was nice to see Brian, too, if only for like ten seconds. I'm glad Ari and I worked everything out and ate delicious Mexican fart fuel. Now all I have to look forward to getting on the road in an hour or so and going back to work tomorrow. Poo.
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I read lots. [04 Feb 2006|01:58pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Here are two things I am reading.

How to Survive a Robot Uprising

Also, this website of single-page speculative fiction, updated daily for an entire year.

I WAS reading Stephen King's new apoc/post-apoc/zombie novel, Cell, but I devoured it all in about five hours and am sadly finished. It was amazing.

I look forward to my travel ritual of treating myself to brand new paperbacks in the airport, one on the way there, one on the way back. I have discovered some really good books in this fashion I would never have otherwise bought. I like having to choose from a very limited selection, it's an interesting challenge.

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another googly meme [11 Jan 2006|04:54pm]
So, according to my Nashvillian Unca Lee, to find out how you'll die, you just google "(your name) was killed by", and there you have it.

Though it's not the first one that comes up, this is the one I decided was right:

"When Heather was killed by whatever it was, there was A bloke having A piss in
the corner."

That's probably me dancing myself to death at Neo. Or in New Orleans, where lots of people wee in public.
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I got the ways and means [08 Jan 2006|04:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]

It just feels so damn good to be planning my annual Mardi Gras trip. Thank you to all my NOLA peeps who are preparing their couches for my arrival!

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New holiday [26 Dec 2005|02:03pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

I've decided that since I love my first invented holiday, Binary Day, so much, and I hate traditional holidays, that I will work on inventing more holidays for myself to celebrate through the year. I need holidays that have actual meaning for me. My winter holiday that will replace whatever Channuchriswanza religious/family-spawned fest everyone else is doing is now officially CATMESS. Catmess decorating involves spilling out the toy bucket all over the living room floor. Catmess dinner is tunafish sammitches. There is a big nip party after dinner, and everyone is very happy.

Merry Catmess, everyone. Feel free to celebrate this fine holiday along with us.

Heather, Wolfgang, Speck, and Ichabod

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Don't eat the meemees! [15 Dec 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Among several other awesome items, Courtney gave me a box of kitty-shaped chocolate truffles for Xmess that are so cute that I don't know if I'll be able to eat them. They are from here:
http://www.moonstruckchocolate.com/MeetTheTruffles.aspx, at the end of the "Classics Collection" section. They look like a box of tiny sleepy kittens.

Due to this problem of not eating, I think I may have to order other things off the website that I will then eat in lieu of snacking on meemees.

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Madison trip this week [27 Nov 2005|02:12pm]
I'm going up to Madison again for to visit Ariel, Stan, and possibly Katja this Thursday/Friday. Has anyone been to Inferno's Wednesday nights? I could go then if I wanted to, but I like Neo on Weds a LOT and am loathe to give it up for a night I will like less. Please advise!

Also, somebody please improve the music at the Inferno so I can make a definitive decision about moving to Madison. The only thing holding me back is that I greatly dislike most of the music played there. Pathetic, I know, but dancing is so insanely important to me and I can't bear to live where I don't want to dance.
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Movies [22 Nov 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | full ]

I have recently seen two excellent films by the Korean director Chan-wook Park, Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Sort of like an Asian Darren Arronofsky. You should head to your local Blockbuster (plug, plug!) and rent them now.

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Meme (not meemee) [10 Nov 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

A totally amusing meme from my buddy Poppy down the delta way. You Google "(your first name) needs" and post the first 10 results. Here are mine:

1. Heather needs men...now!
2. Heather needs to be congratulated for defending herself from unkindness.
3. Heather needs two therapists.
4. Heather needs a rest.
5. Heather needs a family who will commit to her one hundred percent.
6. Heather needs a childhood.
7. Heather needs to stick to her career as an country artist.
8. Heather needs to reserve a date later in the year when the weather is nicer.
9. Heather needs a cape to tire her bull and prepare it for the kill. <--- this one is my favorite
10. Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.

and by the way,
"Kassi needs Lipo-suction, but Kassi wouldn't
be Kassi without a Apple Bum!"

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Everybody get naked! [10 Nov 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

And replace your clothes with some of this hottness.


Yowza. I will buy the Verticulon Long Coat. Oh, yes.

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Random observation [10 Nov 2005|08:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So, that girl from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events has a disconcertingly close resemblance to Joanie. Anyone else notice that? Misha? Joanie? Bueller?

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Grrr... [01 Nov 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So, yeah, my life consistently sucks. Somebody pet me.

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Book! [20 Oct 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

"Field Guide to the Apocalypse: Movie Survival Skills for the End of the World." I think this book was written just for me - it's that specific to one of my largest obscure obsessions.


The author's site:

I heard about it randomly last week while driving somewhere, via an interview with Meghan on NPR, crazy serendipity. I ran right out to Borders and bought it, of course. I am now going to begin the process of trying to contact Meghan and convince her that I am mostly sane and well-meaning and would love to have coffee with her (she's a Chicago northsider). I have NEVER met anyone else whose interest in this extremely specific subject comes as close to mine, and she wrote a whole damn book about it.

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Weekend byebye [07 Oct 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

I leave for Madison in about five hours to spend the weekend with Ariel and Stan, so I won't be at Neo nor available via cell until Sunday night. Bye! *waves*

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